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An increasingly broad range of businesses recognise call recording as a vital management tool. Gone are the days when it was purely about archiving tapes for auditing purposes. Today’s products are designed to meet a host of customer requirements as well as statutory specifications, and readily combine with other software applications to create a complete Communications management solution.

The result is a product that appeals as much to doctors’ surgeries as to call centres, universities as well as car dealerships. Call recording has the potential to help drive sales, reduce overheads, boost staff productivity, build customer loyalty – and the list goes on. Whatever your reasons for choosing call recording, be prepared for it to transform the way you do business, for bigger, and for better.

Better Sales

Call recording is well known as a platform for boosting sales. The number and quality of calls can be monitored, personal and team targets set, and results analysed on an ongoing basis. The competitive, target-driven atmosphere can also motivate staff and boost efficiency. The success of sales scripts may be reviewed, and promotions or campaigns evaluated. You could even save some money on your phone contract, as call recording will quickly make it clear when your lines are at their busiest.

Better People

Every company wants a happy, productive workforce. Call recording is a great tool for personal development, enabling you to recognise, reward and stimulate good performance – and quickly deal with any cases of bad practice. It allows you to identify general and individual training needs, and improve client relation skills – you can even use recordings to exemplify best practice.

Better Service

A satisfied customer will come back again and again. They will also recommend you to others. Call recording can improve both the manner and the speed at which customer queries are handled. Recorded calls can be used to ensure that employees are polite and efficient, to identify and rapidly respond to service trends, to develop systems for handling different queries, and even to gather FAQs, which can then be answered on the company website to save call time. Call recording can also be integrated with your database or CRM software to chart customer history and link to previous call records, enabling your staff to handle enquiries quickly and professionally.

Better Practice

Call recording offers peace of mind. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) states that financial services companies and emergency services have to record all their business calls, even those made from mobiles. But for any business, call recording is a way of protecting your company in case of disputes. Call recorders encrypt messages so they cannot be tampered with, thereby providing irrefutable evidence in a court of law. Businesses use recordings to confirm verbal agreements made, financial transactions carried out, or even as evidence of threatening or abusive behaviour. At the same time call recording solutions should be able to omit sensitive information, such as credit card details, in line with the law. Most disputes can be settled quickly, at minimum cost – the mere mention of a call recording system can rapidly deter aggressive behaviour.

Better Choose Oak

Whatever you need from call recording, we’ll do our best to provide it. As SME market leaders, with 30,000 plus systems installed in the past 30 years, chances are we’ve already helped companies just like yours. Our easy to use, award-winning, web-based system ‘recordX’ is supported by a national sales team and support centre. It’s a flexible solution which can be tailored to suit your company’s requirements, whether you’ve got five extensions or 500, use fixed-line, VOIP, mobile, or SIP Trunks. Find out more about recordX (http://www.oak.co.uk/call-recording) or call us on 0800 9889 625.

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