January 05th, 2011 4:36pm | Certification, Cisco, Comms Suite X,

The Cisco Compatible logo signifies that Oak Telecom Ltd.'s product has undergone interoperability testing by Oak Telecom Ltd. together with Cisco, based on testing criteria set by Cisco.

Oak consistently delivers the highest quality of software together with new innovative features that enable its partners to win business in a highly competitive marketplace. Following comprehensive testing of its CSX platform by Cisco it flew through IVT with a score of 100%.

Phillip Reynolds, Joint CEO and co-founder at Oak Telecom, comments, "we've expanded our investment in software development throughout the recession and these results speak for themselves. At Oak we aim to serve the channel by making sure our products are compatible with all communication platforms and switches, and to pass manufacturer accreditation to give that extra level of assurance. This is a great start to 2011 and a year where Oak will see significant growth in sales of CSX through its channel partners."

View the certificate here.

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