Raising the bar

Call recording and quality measurement allow contact centre operations to evaluate and score calls. Individuals begin to take more responsibility for their performance when focused on continuous improvement. Exceptional service examples can be identified and shared to improve performance. Clever ways of dealing with challenging call scenarios make everyone’s life that bit easier.

New recruits

You’ve been through a selection process and recruited the best candidates. You need them up to speed and contributing as quickly as possible. Listening to live calls is unlikely to expose them to a full mix of call scenarios handlined in the best possible way.  Quality measurement enables you to select best practice calls for training purposes. For example, you might select five of the best examples for each call scenario. New starters quickly learn essential core skills and behavioural characterises necessary to become a valuable member of the team.

How can oak help?

Oak Innovation call and screen recording helps organisations capture every detail, prove who said what, protect reputation and meet compliance requirements. Quality measurement enables calls to be evaluated and scored as part of a continuous improvement program.

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