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Digital transformation is the process by which business leaders harness emerging technologies to reinvent their company operations for future growth.

However, many organisations simply, and in some cases, exclusively, look towards technology as a solution whereas experience often shows that no matter how much money you throw at a technology refresh the desired outcome is not always achieved.

Technology maybe the means to transformation, but not an end in itself. Instead the focus should be on setting a clear goal for the future, then setting a strategy based on that vision.

We say that achieving Customer Service Excellence (CX) through a digital transformation is about how you project and use a customer first strategy.

Defining company values and setting ambitious targets is a good starting point.

This helps on three fronts. First, it signals the magnitude of what digital technology can deliver. Without targets, people who find it hard to accept that the old ways of doing things were massively inefficient might be content to sign up for a 10 percent improvement in cycle time, for example, when 100 percent is possible.

Second, setting clear targets at the outset prevents back-sliding when the going gets tough. And third, it imposes discipline on the process of deciding which initiatives to pursue for maximum impact.

It is easy to launch change initiatives. It is hard to keep them afloat and spawn more. People leadership skills are essential too. Transformation is not just about tipping everything upside down, reinventing products, and disrupting value chains. It is partly about balancing old and new and integrating fresh talent with older, valued hands.

The way a company organises itself is key to a successful launch as often so much needs to change; a focus on customer needs rather than process and procedure, continuous customer feedback, comfort with testing and learning and hence with occasional failure, and collaboration—all are vital.

Consideration of solution deployment models is also key. Today Cloud based applications are dominating the market due to flexibility, scalability and cost but they are not the solution for every organisation.

Looking at outcomes, a digital transformation will generate high volumes of user and customer data which needs curating and analysing in order to leverage its business value.

Overall our message is, rather than making decisions by considering the business case or what competitors are doing, insist that the starting point is ‘How does this create value for the customer?’


Oak Innovation is a long-established software house focused on communication management applications. We work with business communication providers and technology partners to deliver recording, reporting and integration solutions designed to increase operational efficiency, support compliance and deliver an exceptional customer experience. We combine technical know-how and creativity to provide solutions that are easy to use and fit with existing IT frameworks.

Our vertical market focus enables us to create unique solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including healthcare, education, finance, recruitment and hospitality. Our team of U.K based software developers are on hand to support unique transformation projects.

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