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Speaking exclusively to Comms Dealer at the Comms Vision Convention at Gleneagles, Oak Telecom joint CEO James Emm said: "'This long-awaited decision, confirms that mobile call recording now becomes a mainstream product for the Channel, and Oak are ready for this."

The news has been welcomed ecstatically by Obsidian Wireless, whose entire strategy and product development is based on mobile compliance solutions. COO David Brown stated: "We are delighted that the FSA has now confirmed what the industry has been expecting for some time, as this validates Obsidian's strategy and product development over the last three years.

"The fact that the policy statement focuses not just on voice but also on mobile electronic data and the importance of EEC Privacy Laws is especially exciting as our solution addresses both of these vital requirements."

Emm added: "We congratulate Obsidian on the commercial opportunities presented by this announcement, which will accelerate their return on investment."

A full copy of the policy statement can be found at

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This article was originally published on Comms Dealer, reprinted with kind permission.

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