March 13th, 2018 11:36am | Call Recording, Compliance, GDPR,

  • Is our customer data held in a secure and manageable environment?
  • What information can we discard, and what should we retain?
  • Do we have consent to hold customer data?

In preparation, many businesses are busy seeking positive consent by inviting individuals to complete an online form. Even when fully engaged, individuals often overlook invites or struggle to find the time and motivation to complete forms. Given that consent is time limited, this is an ongoing challenge for businesses that wish to remain engaged with a large community.

With time running out and the prospect of losing touch with valuable customers, more and more are turning to the telephone. Whilst this approach is more effective, business need proof of positive opt in. This can be achieved using call recording to prove who said what.

How can oak help?

Once the domain of large contact centres, call recording provides a cost-effective way of protecting your business by meeting compliance requirements and avoiding costly dispute escalations.

  1. Call recordings can be stored with a range of tagging options to simplify search and playback.
  2. Access control policies, together with encryption, ensure your recordings are secure and tamper proof.

Oak’s new GDPR Module delivers new features and reports to simplify GDPR compliance, for example, when managing an individual’s right to be forgotten.

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