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Oak has always been led by the Channel when producing our software solutions and services. To this end our strategy has been two-fold: firstly, to create products which rank amongst the best on the market; secondly, to continually create new and innovative products that will distinguish us from the competition. All this, of course, must be underpinned by high quality support for both resellers and end-users.

It’s a fairly predictable set of goals perhaps, but no less crucial or challenging for that. Now, after almost 30 years in the industry, and more than 30,000 systems installed across the UK and abroad, our track record shows just how far we have gone to achieve them. In the eighties, we led the way in developing a Channel strategy for call logging. In the nineties, we pioneered Windows™ based product solutions. In the noughties, we again led the way in developing a Channel strategy for call recording and billing solutions. In 2011 and 2013, we won the Comms Business Award for Most Innovative Channel Software Product; first for our best-selling call recording solution, recordX, and most recently for our integrated CTI solution, Patient Connect.

How have we done it? We simply pay a lot of attention to feedback and suggestions from our resellers, account managers and service staff – and we respond by using inhouse technological expertise to create, and constantly improve upon, all our products. We’ve learnt that it is in listening to the people on the ground, and tapping into industry trends, that we have a good idea of what will work and what won’t. We also invest heavily in our own staff to ensure the highest quality of consistent and knowledgeable support levels. It’s proved a win-win formula for Oak, the Channel, and their customers.

Today, more than ever, Oak’s portfolio of products aims to equip the Channel with solutions and strategies to meet almost any customer’s requirements. Our core product group, including recordX, reportX and connectX, can be sold as stand-alone solutions or as a complete package (Comms Suite X), making them easily adaptable to suit the size and ambitions of any business. Other solutions, such as Patient Connect and Parent Connect, have been created to meet the needs of specific Vertical Markets, opening up unrivalled sales’ prospects. We see the introduction of Evolve this Autumn as an exciting opportunity for Oak and our partner resellers to enter previously unchartered territory, to pioneer industry change, and to drive new sales.

Forward-Thinking Solutions to Give You the Competitive Edge

RecordX – For Better Sales, Better Service, Better Practice

RecordX is an easy to use call-recording system and business management tool in one award-winning solution. It can be tailored to suit a company’s individual requirements, whether they’ve five extensions or 500, use fixed-line, VOIP, mobile, or SIP Trunks. Yes, it ticks all the boxes required by the FCA, MiFID, BS 10008 and PCI DSS standards, but its range of features gives it much broader market appeal and additional business benefits.

  • Better Sales – Monitorcall traffic, set personal and team targets, and analyse results on an ongoing basis.
  • Better People – An Evaluation Module allows managers to track quality and performance, identify training needs, recognise, reward and stimulate good performance – and quickly deal with any cases of bad practice.
  • Better Service - RecordX can be integrated with a database or CRM software for a complete communications management solution, enabling staff to handle enquiries even more quickly and professionally.
  • Better Practice – Fullycompliant with all current regulations, messages are encrypted and can be quickly produced as evidence in case of disputes.

Integrated CTI Solutions – Pioneering Applications for Vertical Markets

Oak has been integrating its CTI platform with CRMs for years, and our products are compatible with a large number of leading software solutions. In the past couple of years we’ve successfully taken this one step further with the development of branded solutions for specific vertical markets, thereby creating entirely new sales opportunities for our resellers.

  • Patient Connect –An EMIS approved CRM solution for doctors’ surgeries, employing the latest CTI and award-winning call recording technology in a single product to dramatically improve best practice performance. Patient Connect helps surgeries to meet high priority business and patient-focused objectives, including reduced call time, improved customer service, more accurate and up to date records, and faster dispute resolution. The 2013 Comms Business Channel Software product of the Year, Patient Connect is so unique and unrivalled that our resellers have enjoyed an extremely high closing rate since its launch in 2012, and there is plenty of room for further growth.
  • Parent Connect – TheCommunications Automation Solution for Schools which prioritises child-parent care whilst introducing much-needed efficiencies. Fully integrated with the School Information Management System (SIMS) used by over 11,000 schools in the UK, Parent Connect enables staff to deal with parents and carers more effectively and knowledgably. Features such as Caller Recognition, Card Pop and Dashboard recognise callers, help to monitor and maintain safeguarding practices and other school policies, and enable staff to prioritise incoming calls during busy periods. Number Capture ensures records are kept up to date, and an internal Messenger improves inter-department communication and call handling.

Evolve – The Revolutionary New Product from Oak

Convergence Summit South 2013 will see the launch of EVOLVE, the new real-time wallboard and communications management solution for the Avaya IP Office. We believe it’s so innovative - and so important - that it will change the way that businesses are run.

  • Tomorrow’s Technology for Today’s Business - Using leading-edge telephone, internet, database and mobile technologies, we have created a single solution that does everything through the web. Company owners and call centre managers can manage their business wherever they are in the world as never before.
  • Hands-On Management - For the first time, managers can see exactly how many calls are waiting, who’s waiting, prioritise calls, move calls between queues, intervene with or even answer calls. Missed calls are logged in a list incorporating a dial back feature, so the sales team can phone these customers straight away. Such interactive capabilities ensure that neither vital communication nor management responsibilities are compromised.
  • Fully Compatible with the Avaya IP Office - Evolve is a ready-made solution that integrates fully with the Avaya IP office – probably the most commonly deployed phone management system used by SMEs. It is perfect for businesses using 50-250 extensions, and will happily manage up to 1,000.
  • Better than the Competition – If it’s a case of survival of the fittest, then Evolve is one of the first products of its kind, and we’re confident that it’s the best on the market. Evolve is:
  • More powerful – The backend database processes information superfast.
  • Cheaper - It doesn’t require additional voicemail ports.
  • Feature-rich – The desktop interface allows users to chat internally and view call history.Supervisors can manage agent status and take part in live calls.
  • Flexible – It can be run on any browser, regardless of operating system.
  • User-friendly – Fully designed with the user in mind, including a configurable interface.

Be the Best; Supply the Best

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