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This Autumn Oak launches evolve, the new real-time wallboard and communications management solution for the Avaya IP Office. We believe that this product is so innovative - and so important - that it will change the way that businesses are run.

Why? Because evolve is a next-generation product combining leading-edge telephone, internet, database and mobile technologies in a single solution that does everything through the web. It works with any operating system and on any communications device, including tablets, for maximum flexibility. Managers can view what’s happening at that very moment in their business whenever they want and wherever they are in the world. It brings the technology of tomorrow into the working world of today.

Change with Us

evolve is out and we’re proud to shout about it. But as always we want to work with the Channel to help spread the word - which is why we want you to be as convinced about the product as we are.

So what do you need to know?

1. Customers Want It

It’s much easier to sell people something that they want; evolve is our direct response to customer feedback and suggestions. evolve allows supervisors to see exactly how many calls are in a queue, which important customers are waiting to be answered, prioritise calls, and even move live calls between queues. A supervisor may also choose to speak to a customer themselves. All missed calls are logged in an organised list incorporating a dial back feature, so the sales team can phone these customers straight away; no opportunity for sales or exceptional customer service need ever be lost again.

2. Businesses Need It

Business is increasingly carried out remotely: on the hoof, on tablets and smart phones, in homes and at restaurant tables. We believe that today’s technology must be as flexible and mobile as we are. evolve uses CTI technology to give managers and supervisors a real-time, bespoke overview of their business, wherever they are, using whatever device they have to hand. It works on Apple Macs as well as PCs, on a personal tablet in Starbucks and your laptop at the dining table. Fully interactive, neither vital communication nor management responsibilities are compromised, as supervisors can handle all calls: prioritise them, record them, listen to them, intervene with them, transfer them, and even receive them.

3. It’s Fully Compatible with the Avaya IP Office

In order to appeal to as large a pool of potential customers as possible, evolve is a ready-made solution that integrates fully with the Avaya IP office – probably the most commonly deployed phone management system used by SMEs. It is perfect for businesses using 50-250 extensions, and will happily manage up to 1,000.

4. It’s Better than the Competition

evolve is one of the first products of its kind, and we’re confident that it’s the best on the market. It’s a case of survival of the fittest. Evolve is:

  • More powerful – The backend database processes information superfast.
  • Cheaper - It doesn’t require additional voicemail ports.
  • Feature-rich – Desktop interface allows users to chat internally and view call history. Supervisors can manage agent status and take part in live calls.
  • Flexible – It can be run on any browser, regardless of operating system.
  • User-friendly – Fully designed with the user in mind, including configurable interface.

5. More Customer Choice; More Sales Opportunities

evolve will enrich your portfolio of Oak products, sitting alongside already top-selling solutions such as recordX and reportX. It provides a unique offer for both new and existing customers, especially those looking for something more feature rich than a standard call logging system. For businesses handling a lot of calls, it stands to become an indispensible management tool.

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