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Having set the standard for call logging and call recording in the channel, Oak has taken the logical next step and brought it all together with new software releases that enable resellers to specify and build fully integrated systems. Use them independently or reap the synergy of using them together. The distinctive new Oak interface makes it easy to use all of the advanced features and gives the customer all the flexibility they need to manage their communications more effectively.

Oak’s new Communication Suite 09 comprises:-

• Report 09 - a powerful call logger with exceptional reporting capabilities
• Record 09 - a comprehensive call recording solution packed with innovative new features
to search, record, play and archive calls.
• Display 09 – a flexible wallboard type display showing live call data and xml feeds on PC or plasma screens providing a realtime overview of current business activity.

Real integration for real synergy Oak resellers have been selling call logging and call recording in tandem for several years, recognising the value of adding call logging
reporting functions to recording software and the increasing potential to sell call recording as
an ‘add on’ to call logging. With CS09, these applications are now integrated at code level, at the licensing level and at the installation level. This means that a single module or the whole suite can be installed with just one install process. It also means that customers can upgrade and use more modules as and when their business needs demand it with the same simple install process. With more than 20,000 sites using aiOffice and ProVoice, there is a fantastic opportunity for resellers to revisit the existing base to explore upgrade opportunities. The message to resellers is that if you are familiar with aiOffice, then you already have the skills to sell all the modules within CS09,” says Oak joint CEO James Emm.

Report 09 - Consolidating Oak’s lead in call logging One thing that has been increasingly obvious in the call logging market in recent years has been the growing importance of providing users with access to reports that are easily tailored to their own business needs. So, as it’s name - Report 09 – suggests, Oak’s latest call logging release adds even more reporting functions to an already impressive range of Oak options, with reports that match the business processes of enterprise and multi-site users as well as SMBs. Anyone looking for proof of the real demand for excellence in reporting need only consider the phenomenal success of Oak’s call logging applications. aiOffice has long been acknowledged in the channel as leading the way in reporting. Phil Reynolds, Oak joint CEO argues: “ As the unit cost of talk minutes continues to become less critical than how effectively those minutes are used, then it is fast, flexible, reporting like ours that will count. Report 09 is designed to meet that growing demand. ”

Display 09 – Combining the right information in real time Display 09 is a wallboard module which displays all of the live call data available from Report 09 alongside external web feeds and XML output from a customer’s own business database. All the key data driving the customer’s business can be seen on one screen at the same time – and in real time. Display 09 has plug-and-play compatibility with Report 09 and an easy wizard that puts users in complete control of the information mix shown on either a PC or a plasma screen that is visible to the whole team.

Record 09 – Enhancing ISDN call recording Record 09 keeps resellers one-step ahead of the emerging market demand for faster, more-flexible searching and ever-better extension matching. Record 09’s superior record matching uses proven algorithms, previously only used in advanced call logging. This means that organisations that previously had to record every physical extension can now opt for line side recording as a much more cost effective solution. When installed with Report 09, it can also call on a full range of enterprise-strength reporting options. Indeed, with a capacity of up to 240 channels on a single server PC, the new call recorder undoubtedly has the power to meet larger business’ needs. Live listening and a playlist menu that will be familiar to any MP3 or iTunes user streamline the user experience even more. 

What’s next?
The release of our ACD Management module, Agent 09, is imminent, says Reynolds, this will further enable our resellers to sell more modules on more telephony platforms. As part of our continuous investment in development we will be adding more modules as well as adding more features to the existing modules. So call in on the Oak stand at the Convergence Summit at Sandown Park to see Communication Suite 09 in action or, if that’s way too far South for you, give Oak a call. You won’t want to miss out on this one.

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