December 19th, 2006 12:00am | Billing, WLR3,

Union Street Technologies, acting as the integrator for Datatel, is one of only five companies selected for the first phase of BT's Openreach WLR3 roll out and testing program. Union Street currently has an additional team of 11 developers working on WLR3 and expect to be first to market with a Service Provider solution exclusively available from Oak.

The WLR3 gateway will be integrated into the ABillity Billing Platform to provide a complete billing and provisioning solution as it currently is for WLR2.

"This is fantastic news for all our ABillity users. WLR3 is vital for the future success of service providers, especially with the future demise of WLR2 and this will further enhance ABillity as the platform of choice for the reseller community", commented Phillip Reynolds, Joint CEO Oak.

"We are pleased to appoint Oak as our exclusive distributor for the WLR3 Gateway” said Tony Cook, MD Union Street Technologies. “Oak has a long track record of success in serving the needs of the service provider and reseller communities. With over 300 billing systems already in the field and with ISO9000 quality accredited support and installation services, Oak is our ideal partner.”

"Having worked with both Oak and Union Street for a number of years, we have always been confident in their technical ability. Once I looked at how far they had got with WLR3, I knew they were the right people for Datatel", said Justin Steele, MD Datatel Networks.

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