August 06th, 2009 1:40pm | Channel, Marketing, Oak Telecom, Partnerships, Resellers,

Phil Reynolds, Joint CEO Oak Telecom, commented: "Oak has kept a watchful eye on Conjungo since before it was first launched in January 2009. We think it has the potential to develop into a fantastic online channel marketing solution with significant user reach beyond any other known media.

The maturity we were looking for was based around their 'user reach'. Getting a world-class product to market is hard enough, but getting reach into the buying community whether it is SME or Enterprise can be fraught with complexities.

So Oak is delighted to be working with Conjungo as we believe that they have gained a sufficient level of maturity and market traction that justifies our investment on behalf of our channel partners.

We know that software can be the most expensive part of an installation – indeed very often it should be – but explaining that to a customer can be a hard sell for a reseller. If Conjungo can help us to get that message to end users, then it is helping us to help resellers, and that fits right in with the Oak philosophy."

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