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CSXIf you’re looking for eXcellent products and eXceptional service then look no further than Oak. At Oak we develop products that eXcel and that generate that all important eXtra income for our resellers whilst delivering eXtreme improvements for end users and their businesses.

If you’re looking to grow your sales to the value of ‘X’ then the Oak model of continual reinvestment in product development will reap great rewards for you. Oak products have always been aligned with our resellers with a big focus on SME but with so many of our accredited partners embracing convergence and becoming solution providers, we’ve moved our products on into the enterprise space adding sophisticated SDK’s, high level CTI integration with all leading switches, IP call recording, application and database integration and much more.

Of course we’ve never forgotten our roots, for more than 25 years we’ve provided market leading products for call logging, call recording, voicemail, desktop phone and screen popping.
The new ‘X’ series from Oak not only consolidates our market leading SME position but aligns us with our partners to promote growth and fulfil new opportunities together. 

New for Record X

  • Enterprise Level Security and User Policy Implementation 
  • CTI Integration with Enterprise and SME Platforms
  • SDK for ISP and User Defined Application Integration
  • Extended IP Support
  • Agent and Call Evaluation Module
“Record X really does take call recording to the next level for our channel partners. Our sophisticated solution competes head on with systems that cost up to £80,000 in the enterprise space. This is a real opportunity for solution sellers to grow their businesses on the back of Oak in 2010” - Phillip Reynolds Joint CEO

Agent Evaluation

We’ve added a new web based module to our call recording solution. This allows a number of call evaluation templates to be set up and for calls to be listened to and scored accordingly. We’ve also created special summary and itemised reports for the evaluated calls and the related agents. The module can of course be used by any business to evaluate the calls of any person in the business but is most often used for those users that answer incoming calls and perhaps a telesales team that make a large number of outgoing calls.

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