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The UK’s leading call recording specialist, Oak Telecom, is fully prepared to meet the demand by supporting all of the leading mobile recording platforms and adding a new software platform to its Comms Suite portfolio that records mobile and fixed lines calls together in a single user interface.

Called recordX, the product is aimed at businesses of any size wishing to capture and retrieve calls with the minimum of fuss for regulatory compliance or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction. The solution works with all network technologies - ISDN, SIP and VoIP - in whatever combination and includes high level encryption.

Phillip Reynolds, co-founder and joint CEO of Oak commented: “We want our partners to be able to select the right mobile solution for them. recordX brings mobile and fixed line calls together in a single user interface. What’s more we can even support multiple mobile recording solutions in a single installation. 2011 is set to be a great year for call recording and mobile solutions.”

The Financial Services Authority has enforced the recording of all transaction conversations in the equity, bond and derivatives market and, last autumn, removed the exemption on mobiles. In the current economic client there is also generic demand for recording solutions across all devices that improve quality of service and business processes.

With recordX mobile calls are deflected back to a service provider where the call recording is initiated. The service provider then returns the call to the mobile for the call to complete. Client software is installed on each mobile device and of course all this is carried out seamlessly and in an instant.

Within recordX is an updated media player with the capabilities to mask certain parts of the recordings such as credit card security codes. Access to the call recordings is via a standard user interface which means that both fixed line and mobile phone recordings are seamlessly integrated in the same single application for ease of search, retrieval, playback and reporting.
Also included is an Agent Evaluation tool with screen-based scripting which allows individual agents to be evaluated against their peers or departments or against published targets.

“These features are normally associated with much larger, more expensive call recording systems but are now available to everyone including our core SME customer base,” said Reynolds.

“We have also developed a Software Developers Kit (SDK) which provides third party developers not only access to the call recording application (recordX) but also the CTI element (connectX) and call management (reportX).

“Auto install and step by step processes are key to the success of our products with the reseller channel and now with recordX our channel partners can confidently address larger mid-market applications with the same confidence as well as bring enterprise-class features to the SME.”
Key benefits of the recordX solution include:

Dispute Resolution

Calls can be found calls quickly and an extract of the call can be emailed to a client to confirm contract details

Compliance Demonstration

It is quick and easy to show that compliance rules have been followed

Quality Monitoring

Calls can be reviewed to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times

Performance Improvement

Recorded calls help staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques

Conference Facilities

Share conference calls and online meetings with business colleagues

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