October 24th, 2006 12:00am | ISO,

When considering the question “What is Quality…?” thoughts drift towards Rolls Royce and other proven products of excellence. Here at Oak we have a simple definition: Quality = “In conformance with Customer requirements”.

To assist us in achieving our quality objectives Oak has been registered to ISO standards since 2000. Our Staff work to specific quality processes that are structured but not inflexible. This ensures that our various services are delivered for our Customers in a linear and efficient way and we carry out regular audits to check that the procedures are being followed. Where there are discrepancies these are followed up with firm timescales for rectification.

Measurement of Customer satisfaction is a requirement of the standard and we have recently started to conduct telephone surveys in addition to our regular written questionnaires. The survey results will be included in our system audits for action. There are also plans to increase our staffing in the CRM area for more one-to-one direct contact with our Customers.

We aim for continual improvement in all areas and are also kept on our toes by annual assessments from National Quality Assurance. In October we had a 3 yearly review from them, which resulted in a 15-page report and importantly a completely clean bill of health. The inspector summarised:

“The systems are well organised and mature. Customer satisfaction is of a high order with low levels of complaints. Software tools are used very effectively. The requirements of ISO9001:2000 were demonstrated as being met and continued registration is recommended”.

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