February 20th, 2006 12:00am | CTI, GoldMine, Sales,

Under the agreement, FrontRange’s technology will be used as middleware to connect its business applications to key switch vendor products. The partnership is expected to provide additional revenue streams for existing GoldMine and Oak resellers. This month, FrontRange is launching Oak’s SmartApplications CTI products to its GoldMine resellers. In exchange, Oak is facilitating the introduction of Front Range’s GoldMine solution to Oak’s telecoms partners.

James Emm, CEO and Sales Director at Oak Telecom, commented: "The market has been talking about the promise of integrated communications and CRM solutions for some time. This is the first in a series of developments. The market can expect to see further innovations from the two companies." Andrew White, the newly appointed director of business development for EMEA at FrontRange, will oversee several up and coming OEM agreements centred around Oak Telecom. White said: "We are working very closely with Oak in conjunction with some key switch vendors on OEMs. We’re taking some of our own contact centre technology and partnering with Oak and some key switch vendors to integrate our technologies. GoldMine is a well known brand in the market and therefore represents a low risk investment for traditional PBX resellers. We have an initiative with the GoldMine platform to get it into telecoms switches. GoldMine’s functionality and price point makes it a good fit for the SME and distributed enterprise markets, which are only 10% penetrated with CRM solutions. It’s a market that Gartner predicts will be worth $46bn worldwide by 2005."

FrontRange and Oak regard their alliance as a bridge between the voice and data communities, which they say will lead to increased revenue opportunities for resellers willing to risk the crossing and deliver real convergence. White also stated that FrontRange is looking for 8 to 10 new partners. "We’re in selective recruitment mode. Some will be specialist resellers, some may be looking to move into business applications. Our ideal partners will understand and see the value of marketing FrontRange Contact Centre in conjunction with FrontRange CRM or IT Service Management."

On call for true convergence; Oak's James Emm (right) with FrontRange partner Andrew White.

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