March 27th, 2006 12:00am | aioffice, Call Logging, Fraud,

Telephone fraud is estimated to cost UK business hundreds of thousands of pounds each year and with many experts predicting a significant rise in the threat to profitability during the coming year. Using the new Telephone Fraud module aiOffice identifies the more obvious examples of mis-use of the company telephone system such as calls made outside office hours and during national Bank Holidays, unauthorised international calls, premium rate or other expensive calls, and calls exceeding defined time limits.

Phillip Reynolds, Joint CEO Oak adds, “Telephone Fraud is potentially a big problem for business who in most cases will not know that mis-use of their telephone network has occurred until after they receive a bill from their carrier. Despite the overall lowering of call costs in recent years hackers today are more sophisticated and determined which is why Oak’s aiOffice also examines the less obvious potential fraudulent calling patterns such as use of the telephone system maintenance ports, trunk to trunk calls and calls diverted to mobiles. The latter example can of course be very expensive to affected companies.”

In cases where aiOffice identifies fraud the application will automatically send notification to the company management by a number of user definable means such as SMS, email and both visual and audible warnings. The notification warnings are sent immediately so that costs associated with the fraud are not allowed to escalate. Normally, staff from a firm's IT department would receive the alerts and address any issues arising.

Phillip Reynolds comments "Oak constantly invests in enhancing its existing products to offer ever better value and increased opportunities for its resellers. Coming on top of our recently announced ‘Back to Agent Reporting’ Telephone fraud is yet another innovative value added feature for the UK’s leading call logging system, aiOffice".

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