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Oak fought off stiff competition from across the UK to win the coveted ‘Best Call Management Solution’ title for their new Evolve range of products. The announcement was made at a glittering awards ceremony on the 16th October at the Park Lane Hilton Hotel in London.

Evolve offers call centres of all shapes and sizes an unprecedented degree of insight into how well they are dealing with their customers. It’s a web-based solution that uses the latest computer and telephone technologies to provide ‘real time’ – that is, moment by moment - information about every call coming into a business. This gives the staff who are monitoring and answering the calls a lot more power to deal efficiently and helpfully with customer needs as they present themselves. Detailed call information is also stored ready to view and analyse on demand to further improve business performance.

Joint CEO at Oak, Phil Reynolds, is delighted to be recognised by the CN Awards, which are considered amongst the highest accolades available to the telecoms industry. Reynolds himself describes Evolve as ‘the big one’ for the company, the culmination of decades of experience and technological know-how possessed by the team at Oak:

“This is unquestionably the biggest launch in our 30 year history. We have never been more excited about any software product we’ve developed, and that includes our award-winning call recording solution, RecordX. The dream has been made a reality, and this is largely because we now have the people with the skills and experience to make it so.”

Heading up the dream team behind Evolve are Reynolds and his son David. Like many at Oak, both are Dorset born and bred, although David now lives in Toronto, Canada, co-managing Oak’s international branch. Reynolds feels the expansion abroad has strengthened the company, providing fresh customer feedback and opening up new market opportunities, which has enabled the local business to become a truly global player.

“Who would have thought that when we set up shop, as it were, here in Poole 30 years ago, that we would now be producing call management solutions for the national and international marketplace?! It proves what’s possible when you take the time to establish your reputation at home first, invest in your staff, build on your experiences, and are prepared to take a few steps of faith.”

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