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One Solution for Multiple Products :
Oak design, develop and support software for Billing, Call Logging, Call Recording and CTI. By developing the products in house we are able to integrate them to provide unique solutions for our resellers as well as creating opportunity for additional value added sales.

One Billing Platform :

Abillity is the market leader Billing Platform with more than 280 systems installed in the UK. The platform is now available with highly competitive Oak Minutes providing one solution for Billing.

One Call Logger :

AI Office is the market leading SME Call Logging system. The system works with the Oak Call Recorder to allow calls to be played back through the Call Logger.

One Call Recorder :

ProVoice is the market leading range of Call Recording products specifically for the reseller community. Oak pioneered the sale of Call Recording through the reseller channel and as such is the de facto product for the community.

One CTI Solution for Application and Database Integration :

SmartConnect and SmartConnect Enterprise integrate with more applications and databases than any other product. This allows sophisticated application popping at the desktop based upon a live CTI connection with the switch.

One Level of Quality :

Oak have been ISO9000 quality accredited for many years. Oak has yet again passed their independent quality audit (March 2006) and have been issued with the latest Quality Accreditation.

One Account Manager :

Oak provide each reseller with one account manager. With a team of more than ten account managers on the road, many of whom have been with Oak since the 1990’s, Oak deliver excellence in account management.

One Point of Contact :

You have one point of contact with Oak. Make one call to your account manager to get all the information you need.

One Relationship :

With Oak the reseller only needs to maintain one supplier relationship. By investing in this relationship the Reseller gets more - more products, more flexibility, more help and more for their money.

One Order :

You can place one order with Oak covering multiple products.

One Invoice :

Oak can raise just one invoice covering all your product orders.

One Installation :

Oak can plan just one installation covering multiple products.

One Connection :
Oak can make one SMDR/CTI connection to the switch for its multiple products.

One Helpdesk :

In August 2005 Oak expanded its customer service centre in Dorset. All products are support on the one helpdesk. All helpdesk queries are logged in one CRM system for progression to completion.

One Training Centre :

In January 2006 Oak opened a dedicated training centre. The Oak Centre of Excellence, based at Peterborough, offers a full training programme where resellers can be trained on all of our products.

One Platinum Sponsor :

There’s only one Platinum Sponsor for Comms Channel Expo 2006 and that is Oak. We feel that its very important that the Channel Community has the opportunity to see the latest products from all vendors as well as gain a valuable insight as to where the market is going. See us on stand CC510.

One Company :

Oak has been in business for more than 20 years and is one company that will be around for a long time to come. We’re the one company you can rely on.

At Oak we hope we’re the One you choose.

Oak, One Company One Solution

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