January 17th, 2007 12:00am | Call Recording, ISDN, ProVoice,

This is a low cost version of the ProVoice DX range specifically designed for all businesses with an ISDN30 who require professional call recording at an even more affordable price. With affordable prices for the 8, 16 and 30 channel, resellers can make great margins while offering a really cost effective solution to their customers. There's even an opportunity for resellers to make more margin by upgrading their customers to the full DX version at a later date.

As standard the DX SE range allows calls to be searched for using date, time, duration, CLI, DDI and dialled number. All recordings are encrypted and stored on the computer's hard drive. The unit is reseller installable and is covered by a one year return to Oak warranty as well as 90 days telephone support. An annual service contract for telephone support is available at £195.

"Any customer at all with an ISDN30 can benefit from having call recording. The main objection of many, especially those with basic requirements, has been price. With the launch of the ProVoice DX SE range this is no longer an issue and resellers will be able to grow their call recording sales dramatically with this new product", commented Phillip Reynolds, Joint CEO, Oak.

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