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Born Pioneers

Since 1985, we have worked hard to win the enviable reputation as the industry’s leading specialist in call recording, call reporting and integration to customer relations management solutions.

We have achieved many firsts in that time. In the eighties, we led the way in developing a Channel strategy for call logging. In the nineties, we pioneered Windows™ based product solutions. In the noughties, we again led the way in developing a Channel strategy for call recording and billing solutions. In 2011 and 2013, we won the Comms Business Award for Most Innovative Channel Software Product. We have always been big on customer relations and strong on technological capabilities; our in-house product development means we respond quickly to customer needs and industry trends.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that we have been the first to boldly go where rival companies have not yet ventured, creating a suite of bespoke solutions for new vertical markets using advanced CTI technologies. For we believe that the growth of the sector lies not just in enhancing existing solutions, but in creating products so innovative that new demand and new sales opportunities are created. The uptake has exceeded all our expectations.

Patient Connect - Most Innovative Channel Product 2013

Patient Connect is the first of our Vertical Market product solutions developed specifically for the Health Care Sector. In partnership with EMIS, ‘the most widely used Medical Information System in England’, we have created an approved solution for doctors’ surgeries which employs CTI and award-winning call recording technology, all in a single product designed to dramatically improve professional performance.

Patient Connect meets high priority business and patient-focused objectives. Encrypted Call Recording complies with best practice guidelines in confirming patient identity, and provides confirmation of who said what, to whom, and when – useful for monitoring customer service standards, and crucial in case of disputes. Popup Screens and Display Dashboards allow staff to know who they’re speaking to and access their caller contact histories as well as EMIS patient medical records. Call time is reduced – vital in a busy surgery – whilst staff are equipped to manage queries more informatively and effectively.

Parent Connect – The Communications Automation Solution for Schools

The importance of good communication between schools, parents and guardians demands a system that prioritises people whilst introducing much-needed efficiencies. Using similar CTI technology as for Patient Connect, we created Parent Connect for schools. This Communications solution is able to extract information from the School Information Management System (SIMS) used by over 11,000 schools in the UK. It works alongside existing solutions to save time and money, as well as improving management and communication.

Parent Connect enables staff to handle more calls more easily. Caller Recognition, incorporating Parent Connect Card Pop and Dashboard, instantly shows which parent, guardian, governor or supplier is on the line, any associated children, and their contact history. Staff can see at a glance if there are any safeguarding or other issues such as attendance that they need to be aware of when dealing with callers. At busy times, such as the beginning and end of the school day, incoming calls can be prioritised whilst all numbers are logged and so may be responded to at a quieter time. Number capture helps to keep database up to date, vital in case of emergencies and extremely valuable for getting information out quickly through mass SMS messaging.

Internal communications are also greatly enhanced through features such as the Card Pop transfer, where the caller details are automatically transferred when a call is passed to a colleague. An instant messenger also enables messages to reach staff more quickly than written notes and emails. If you have multiple sites, Parent Connect can save you money by operating through a centralised system, bridging ‘the communication gap’.

New Horizons

There is a huge demand for these new, tailored, solutions designed to enhance - not complicate - customer experience and improve business performance. There is plenty of room for vertical growth through the exploration of new markets, such as recruitment. But we are also broadening our horizons with new partnerships in the healthcare, education and recruitment sectors. The opportunities continue to grow.

For more information on any of our products, or if you are interested in becoming one of our resellers, do get in touch: 0800 9889 625.

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