February 20th, 2006 12:00am | Sales,

Oak’s CEO and Sales Director, James Emm, recently conducted a series of meetings with MTV Telecom’s management team, which resulted in a new business plan to ensure increased sales of Oak products by MTV Telecom.

Emm comments "I have always had the greatest respect for the way Martin and Natalie drive MTV Telecom into ever greater success on a year on year basis and I thought it was time we got a greater slice of the action!"

To this effect, it was jointly decided that by allocating resource on a regular basis to MTV Telecom, both product knowledge and product awareness would become more tangible within the mindsets of MTV Telecom’s sales personnel. Emm comments "MTV Telecom are a specialised distributor and as our products can be perceived as being specialised also, particularly in that they enhance the core telephone system offering, this should lead to a natural alliance between the companies.

From 1st March two separate Oak account managers began to visit MTV Telecom on a regular, pre-agreed basis. Richard Garel-Jones, one of Oak’s voice product specialists, supports MTV Telecom on the Call-Recording side of the business, whilst Louise Benson, dealer account manager, supports MTV Telecom on both the Call Logging and SmartPhone CTI products.

Another method in which Oak are seeking to support MTV Telecom is by ensuring that Oak has a relationship with some of the major suppliers of telephone systems to MTV Telecom. Oak’s partnership status with Avaya, Alcatel and Siemens ensures that good technical support and information is provided by the manufacturer to enable correct working between the Oak range of products and the range of telephone systems offered by MTV Telecom.

"Teamwork is the key" says Natalie Foers, Managing Director of MTV Telecom "and we are pleased that Oak’s increased levels of support for MTV is producing an increase in business for both parties."

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