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Oak’s aim therefore is to live up to their company motto "All you Need". A supreme example of a working partnership is the relationship that Oak has developed with Siemens in recent years.

The companies have evolved a warm relationship for a number of years with Oak investing in HiPath Ready and HiPath certified programs in Germany to ensure dealer confidence when utilising Oak products with Siemens telephone systems.

The relationship started with Siemens promotion of Oak’s Advance call logging range but in the last 12 months this has evolved to include VoxBox and VoxPro voice processing systems, ProVoice and ProAgent call recording systems and the full suite of SmartPhone products.

Oak’s CEO and Sales Director James Emm comments "Apart from to make money (!) our aim in partnering with Siemens is to generate more sales of the HiPath product through creating total solution opportunities for the reseller, and also in the same instance to create extra revenue and profit opportunities by the resale of Oak products with the core offering." To fully support the partnership, Oak have a dedicated account manager for Siemens, Kayleigh Ellis; and with the dramatic increase in business between the companies Oak are investing further in a sales support person to work with Kayleigh on the Siemens account. Siemens in turn have invested heavily in the promotion of Oak products and have recently commenced the holding of stock to provide quick delivery of Oak products to the reseller network.

Neil Moulten, General Manager of Siemens Reseller Channel comments "Customer needs are diverse. It is true that at times the Siemens name alone secures a sale of our products but in order to provide a total solution for customers, and to fully arm our resellers with all they need to secure the business, we need to provide a "one stop shop" of all items pertaining to the sale."

Oak and Siemens believe that out of the Oak products offered, highest growth will be achieved in the ProVoice range of call recording systems and in the SmartPhone suite of CTI products.

Although competitively priced, both ProVoice and ProAgent are "high ticket" sales in comparison with some other Oak products, and it is Oak’s aim to produce a significant contribution to Siemens Indirect Channel revenues through ProVoice.

James Emm comments "Sales of call recording products are being fuelled by ever increasing requirements for customer care, and by the need for any financial organisation carrying out telephone transactions to "audit" these activities."

Perhaps the most exciting product from the Oak range is the SmartPhone suite of CTI products. Convergence is taking place, and as more customers seek to streamline and combine voice and data activity, SmartPhone is an invaluable business tool both for PC based telephony (SoftPhone) and for integration of telephony with software applications and databases, be it standard and available or customer bespoke applications.

Siemens and Oak are working together, and aim to capture still higher market share together in the coming years.

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