June 16th, 2009 2:38pm | Avaya, Call Logging, Call Recording, Comms Suite, Record, Report, SIP,

Comtec Enterprises Ltd, Avaya Gold Business Partner, have today announced the successful implementation of an Oak call recording and call logging system at the Visa Bureau, the premier multinational immigration and visa consultancy in London SW6. Operating from multiple sites, the Visa Bureau have recently completed a project with Comtec and VoIP.co.uk to replace all existing ISDN infrastructure with VoIP.co.uk's SIP services. The final part of this project was to introduce call recording and logging on the SIP trunks across all sites.

Guy Bradley, IT Director at the Visa Bureau said, "Having made an investment with Comtec to migrate from ISDN and introduce VoIP.co.uk's SIP services, we needed to install a call recording solution that could support both the Avaya platform and our SIP trunks. Comtec recommended Oak who stepped up and provided a call recording solution that integrates nicely with our internal software as well as supporting these requirements. By introducing VoIP.co.uk's SIP trunks and Oak's SIP recording, Comtec have significantly reduced annual costs against previous ISDN equivalents."

Nick Claxson, Managing Director for Comtec said, "Of the Avaya call recording partners we interface with, Oak were the only company able to provide a solution at trunk level that supported SIP. We are delighted with the installation at Visa Bureau as this completes another niche milestone for our telecommunications team and completes our portfolio around our Avaya and VoIP.co.uk backed SIP offering."

Phil Reynolds, Joint CEO Oak comments " This is yet another success story for Oak and it's accredited partners. Comms Suite is truly delivering on it's promise of "Innovation through Integration". We were pleased to be part of this excellent and well crafted solution."

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