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Enterprises across the globe face many challenges on a day to day basis.

Immediately, there is the challenge to face up to and meet head on the three business pre-requisites of Retaining Customers, Controlling Costs and Gaining Competitive Advantages.

Today, these three challenges are immense. Competitors target your customers, elements of your costs structures are at the mercy of currency fluctuations and the commoditisation of many markets limits your possibilities for any differentiation other than price.

But, organisations and enterprises are finding solutions and these do not involve deploying more of the same, already failing business tactics. Instead, and for some time now, business leaders have been adopting new collaborative and customer centric strategies, termed Digital Transformations (DX), that places users and user needs at the heart of their business operations.

Whilst this may sound a simple strategy the drivers for this adjustment and the changes within an organisation to achieve this transformation have been significant

Organisations today face competition on many levels – not just from their conventional competitors but from new market entrants with new ways of doing things. Such companies seem to suddenly emerge out of nowhere on a regular basis and disrupt hitherto traditional and stable markets - almost at will. These are the ‘Digital Disruptors’ that keep CEOs awake at night.

You know the names; AirBnb and Uber have disrupted the accommodation and taxi markets whilst today both Google and Facebook are literally causing havoc in the news and publishing sectors. In most cases the legacy dominant suppliers in those markets just did not see this coming in much the same way as Kodak never saw the potential in the digital camera.

There’s a commonality amongst the new Digital Disruptors. They all have digital business platforms that allow them, despite their size, to be agile, flexible and responsive organisations that know what their users want and then to supply them with that quicker and cheaper than their competitors.

But this digital disruption is not all about adoption of new technology. Instead it is a realisation that the user should be better understood and that the old ways of working in departmental soloes cannot deliver.

If we can agree that only the Finance, IT and HR siloes in any business have a complete view of the entire set of company operations – and even they don’t exactly all talk to each other, then how can the other siloes, say Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Service hope to know what is going on and deliver effective customer solutions.

Digital disruptors understand this concept and have implemented Customer Service Excellence (CX) strategies based upon the knowledge they have gained through both collaborative working and the reach of their digital platforms.

In this series of Blogs we’ll be looking at the steps that can be taken to achieve your own Digital Transformations and achieve Customer Service Excellence.

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