May 24th, 2018 10:46am | Customer Service Excellence, CX, KPI,

Today, organisations are taking a closer look at what they measure as they re-valuate business priorities and implement digital transformation. High on the CEO’s agenda is a ‘customer first’ ethos to deliver customer excellence (CX). Customer understanding is critical. If you know what users think of your existing products and services, then you have a better chance of developing what they need. You will also mitigate the risk of a competitor discovering their needs before you do.

Sales managers will probably place sales leads towards the top of of their list. However, marketing metrics such open and click through rates, returning customer rates and web traffic could provide a more meaningful knowledge about future sales leads, production targets and revenues.

Customer expectation is higher than ever and evolving at some pace. These shifts, often underpinned by rapid changes in technology, present both challenges and opportunities.

New and existing competitors will always challenge your business, often innovating in ways you didn’t expect. By using technology to gather better data, underpin more effective analysis and develop new products and services, you can improve operations and better engage with your customers.

How Can Oak Help?

Oak Innovation call analytics provides real-time dashboards and wallboards to help front line staff make better ‘in the moment’ decisions and use their time more effectively. Historical reporting helps business leaders identify trends and act where necessary.

Call recording and quality measurement enable business leaders to manage the quality of communications to pre-defined criteria, New call scenarios can be rapidly identified, strategies developed and best practice shared.

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