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Any firm with the will and a budget can go out and purchase a complete ‘technology re-fresh’ for their organisation in anticipation of all the hyperbole surrounding such an acquisition really transforming their business prospects. And it could… but technology is just a part of the story and alone it’s a bit like reading every other page of a book and expecting a happy ending.

The dirty little secret of the technology world is that business executives and owners have been conditioned by the market to make decisions based on technology first and the business needs second.

In the hardware world that usually means more horsepower than is required or less capability than is needed. And when it comes to software, the very backbone of any business today, it means succumbing to pretty screens, cool-sounding TLAs (three letter acronyms) and a focus on features and functions, not on the exploration of needs.

In small to mid-sized companies, solutions that may appear a perfect fit at the level at which purchasing decisions are made, turn out to be bad choices at the operational level and not match your business processes so you end up changing your processes to match the system instead. If that report you tweaked painstakingly out of your old system it not available until the ‘next release’ of your new system then you know something went wrong.

There are key steps you can take to head off such a scenario such as; mapping out the problems you want to solve, understanding the value in solving the problem (is it worth it?), evaluating potential solutions and drawing up a set of requirements and checking the maths add up.

Consider one of the key business issues of the day – Customer Excellence. The better a business can develop and deliver services, the greater the likelihood customers will return for services and refer others to your products.

Technology can help to assess whether, in the view of your customers, your services and products are performing. It can help your staff gain the benefits of collaboration over working in silos – but only if you culturally make that decision to change.

We believe that it is also important to recognise that while the scope, scale and complexity of business technology has evolved at an exponential rate, sophisticated, business enabling technology has become more accessible to a far wider audience.

Such accessibility enables a thriving digital culture which can be a source of competitive advantages across all business functions – recruiting, training, sales, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and more.

How Can Oak Help?

Oak Innovation call analytics provides real-time dashboards and wallboards to help front line staff make better ‘in the moment’ decisions and use their time more effectively. Historical reporting helps business leaders identify trends and act where necessary.

Call recording and quality measurement enable business leaders to manage the quality of communications to pre-defined criteria, New call scenarios can be rapidly identified, strategies developed and best practice shared.

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