In the past, businesses relied on word of mouth to establish, build and maintain reputation. However, in this age of social networking, businesses must manage their reputation ‘in the moment’ and be responsive to any issue that could impact their brand.

Many regard reputation as their biggest asset and treat the maintenance of a hard won standing in the market as paramount. So, how good is your organisation at answering the phone, replying to an email or responding to a Tweet? Today, the likes of Twitter and Facebook grab attention from both users and the media – mainly because the impact of posts on social media can have an immediate impact. However, lest we forget, the telephone continues to be the most popular medium for business communications. So, why is it that so many organisations pay lip service to customer service by failing to provide them with the service they deserve or expect?

A recent survey by Which? called 38 UK energy companies to check out their performance when answering calls. In a highly competitive market Which? discovered that the average call wait time by eon was over 14 minutes, British Gas around 9 minutes and NPower around 7 minutes. The best average of the 38 firms was a little firm called Bulb at just 27 seconds. Why would you allow your customers to spend their entire coffee waiting to speak to you? Maintaining the reputation of a company through social media takes time and requires educating stakeholders within your organisation, making them aware of the company’s internal values and key messages that need to be conveyed as well as creating a united, consistent voice.

If an organisation has a good reputation, consumers may prefer that company even if there are similar businesses offering the same products or services for different prices. The reputation of an organisation can enable a company to differentiate its product in highly competitive markets, allow it to have premium pricing, and can become the ultimate factor in whether a customer decides to choose one business over another.

How can Oak Help?

Oak can provide the call recording, reporting and quality measurement tools necessary to provide a balanced and informed view of customer experience. Evolve call analytics delivers real time status through dashboards and wallboards to enable staff to make better ‘on the fly’ decisions about call handling. The availability of historical reporting assists managers to observe trends and address issues before they impact service. Add call recording to support speedy dispute resolution by proving who said what and quality measurement to ensure front line staff are delighting your clients.

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