April 26th, 2018 9:13am | Avaya, Call Recording, Clarify, Compliance, IP Office,

The new Clarify standard version requires no additional IP Office licensing to deliver call recording, training and compliance capabilities. For businesses with more sophisticated media recording needs, the Clarify Advanced Feature Pack uses TAPI integration to provide features such as quality measurement, screen recording, live call access, automated PCI DSS start/stop commands, policy-based recording, and API integration with other business systems.

Oak Director of Voice Processing, Richard Garel-Jones believes Clarify can help businesses of all sizes to better handle customer interactions, responsibly manage the increasing pressure of compliance, and identify areas for improvement:

“We want to provide Avaya customers with greater choice and flexibility when it comes to call recording. We recognise that the standard version will work best for some, whilst others require increasingly sophisticated ways to capture, process and manage call data to improve operations or customer experience. With Clarify, they get a product that works for them now with the capacity to grow and adapt as their needs change.”

Combining intelligent recording technology with intuitive interfaces, Clarify lets businesses capture, process and store interactions for easy retrieval and in-depth analysis. Clarify enables businesses to prioritise customer experience, as a training and assessment tool, and manage compliance through advanced encryption, infinite storage, user policies and card payment processing options.

For more information contact sales@oak.co.uk or call 0800 9889 625.

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