Think about your accounts team, a project manager out in the field or a busy hotel receptionist.

These people are often ignored. It’s about identifying and understanding each and every front-line role and applying an appropriate suite of tools to enable them to make better decisions, support continuous improvement and protect the business.

  • Real time call analytics can be delivered to a wall board or desktop dashboard to help staff prioritise call handling and manage the time they spend on each call. Any unanswered calls can be presented for a call back.
  • Call recording enables fine detail to be checked, helps to prove who said what and minimises costly dispute resolutions.
  • Quality measurement helps teams to develop tactics for common call scenarios and share best practice as part of a continuous improvement program.
  • CRM integration brings customer data alive. Staff have the information they need to provide a more professional service from the beginning of a call.

In this environment, the management element is a lighter touch, with historical analytics being used to identify problem areas and manage longer term trends across the business.

How Oak can help

Oak Innovation is a specialist provider of call recording, call analytics, CRM integration and Payment Automation. We help you improve customer experience, increase operational efficiency and meet compliance requirements.

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