With more and more day to day interaction done online, you might conclude that the call centre‘s role in customer experience is less critical. However, if call centre interaction is your only human touchpoint, then those infrequent moments when you do talk need to be exceptional.

The human factor

To delight your customers, the call centre needs to go way beyond a courteous and efficient service. Perhaps you are looking to establish a connection, build a longer-term relationship or simply delight your customers. You will need to attract and retain the best staff, create a pleasant working environment, foster a spirit of continuous improvement and avoid frustration. Your front-line staff need to be happy and have information at their fingertips.

Access to Information

Over recent years, the focus on Customer Relationship Management has enabled a mass of data to be gathered, providing information about buying behaviour, market trends, individual preferences and much more. This information can be brought alive through telephony integration. The caller is identified before answering the call and the customer record presented to reduce errors and support high quality interaction.

Continuous Improvement

The sharing of best practice enables front-line staff to discuss and optimise customer interaction. This is especially important in an environment where call scenarios or customer sentiment change on a regular basis. Add in the critical role of data, and you can see why more businesses are preserving both voice and screen activity to build a complete view of customer interaction.

A complete view

By recording voice and screen data, business can analyse both the “what” and “how” as part of a detailed quality measurement exercise.

  1. How much time is taken to complete common data entry and recovery tasks?
  2. How are staff utilising other applications to assist with customer interaction?

When something goes wrong, availability of screen recording can simplify an investigation, quickly identifying what when wrong. Screen context can be vital when managing compliance, for example, a client instruction issued during a call together with the resulting transaction input on a screen. Desktop analytics can also be used to control recording and ensure sensitive information is kept safe. for example, suppressing a payment card information when entering the long number into a payment gateway application.

How can Oak Help?

Oak call and screen data recording helps to prove who said what and protect your business. We also provide call analytics and CRM integration that can be combined to form unique solutions for your industry sector.

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