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Once the domain of a single site, more and more contact centres are distributing staff across multiple sites, multiple countries, at home or even on a mobile device when on the move.

Distributed call centres help organisations to:

  1. Attract and retain the best staff wherever they chose to work
  2. Improve business continuity by reducing location dependency
  3. Extend hours by ulitising staff working in other time zones, at home or in the field
  4. Manage peaks in traffic by drafting in additional staff at remote locations

Whilst the potential rewards are clear, businesses need to review the way distributed teams work together, share knowledge and deliver a consistently high level of service. Every contact center team must evaluate performance to improve. Fortunately, technology is on hand to assist:

  1. Unified communications and collaboration enable distributed teams to work together more effectively. Presence and availability information help staff make better communication decisions. Collaboration creates a virtual office environment where the team can share information.
  2. Call analytics can deliver real time and historical data, regardless of location. Desktop dashboards enable staff to see what’s happening and make ‘on the fly’ decisions to optimise service levels.
  3. Customer data can be brought alive by integrating CRM and telephony. When a call arrives, front- line staff have the information they need at their fingertips.
  4. Staff can access recordings from any location, playback calls, access supervisor feedback and review results. Supervisors can pinpoint problems and target training to avoid wasted time.
  5. Voice and screen recording enable distributed teams to analyse calls, identify training requirements and share best practice as part of a continuous improvement program.


How can Oak Help?

Oak call and screen data recording helps to prove who said what and protect your business. Quality Measurement enables distributed teams to analyse calls, identify issues and share best practice. We also provide call analytics and CRM integration that can be combined to form unique solutions for your industry sector.

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