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According to Phil Reynolds, Joint CEO at Oak Telecom, many of the organisations affected by the new FSA regulations on the recording of mobile phone calls have still done nothing about making sure they meet the compliance date of November 14 this year.

“No-one is rushing out to buy mobile phone call recording applications right now and it’s highly likely many companies affected the new rules will only realise a week or two before they come in to effect that they are not compliant.

For the channel this represents more than one sales opportunity however; not only to sell compliant solutions to the financial services sector that falls directly under the new FSA rules but also, to what we at Oak Telecom see as the ‘ripple effect’, potential users of integrated fixed and mobile call recording solutions that will emerge as a result of all the marketing surrounding these new rules. Organisations with sales and service people on the road for example will want to know how they are interacting with customers when they are out of the office.

Oak Telecom has been working with Voxsmart, a technology company, for some time on applications and now, together, using their call capture technology and our storage and retrieval technology, we have an FSA compliant solution with our recordX and a channel offering that will open up many opportunities for partners.

Working with BlackBerry devices – the most prevalent mobile phone in the City and the only device that can be both ‘locked down’ and centrally managed via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, we have a secure, tamper proof solution, that cannot be turned off, for all an organisation’s devices. The solution provides for an audit trail and even notifies the organisation if a user tries to change the SIM. This now means that recordX provides a complete, fixed line and mobile FSA compliant solution.”

Paul Manyweathers, Business Development Manager at Voxsmart, says that his company has been developing applications for Blackberry devices for six years so when it came to producing an FSA compliant mobile call recording solution they were well placed.

“There is a great deal of synergy between our product and that of Oak Telecom and the level of integration we have achieved between the two is fantastic. This means that utter confidence can be placed by the user in our ability to capture the call in the first instance and the same confidence placed in recordX’s ability to record, store, search for and playback that call at any time. The level of integration also means that all the reports and alarms that Oak’s recordX provides for fixed line call recording are also now available for BlackBerry mobile devices.

Of course if an employee uses their own device instead of the company device then they circumvent the rules – but, and it’s a big but, if they do that then there is no audit trail for any ensuing trade that resulted.

As far as I can see this solution is unique to the market place in that it provides seamless end to end security to meet FSA compliance and organisations deploying the solution can, when being audited, show a complete ring fenced operation.

Most people understand that the smart money in call recording is more likely to be spent on the fast and simple ability to search for and locate the call recording you want and with Oak’s recordX we have achieved that goal. Users can search for recordings using a number of criteria including time of day, phone numbers, user names and whether the call was in or outbound.

Another key factor for the applications is scalability - we can supply solutions from one user upwards.

Why the Blackberry device? It’s because we can lock down the device to make it tamper proof and due to our application being loaded on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server we don’t need to have all the devices in for modification - we can do it centrally. So, roll on 14 November – we’re ready with a channel solution to meet the FSA compliance requirements!”

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