May 10th, 2018 2:12pm | Digital Transformation,

Digital encompasses any technology that connects people, machines and/or information. There’s nothing new about digital, however, the widespread availability of broadband connectivity and adoption of mobile devices has rocket powered opportunities over recent years.

Transformation is a whole scale shift to the foundation of an organisation from operating model to infrastructure. The three key drivers of transformation are consumer demand, competitive behaviour and technology. Simply introducing new products and services, moving into new markets or evolving ‘go to market’ strategy is not necessarily transformative. 

Digital Transformation 

The best examples start with a big idea and combine a number of technology elements in an innovative way, often resulting in spectacular growth at the expense of well-established players. Airbnb, Uber and Netflix are great examples of businesses that have exploited the opportunity over the past decade.

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Oak Innovation provide ‘off the shelf’ communications management applications focused on improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency and protecting reputation. Our UK development team are experts in integration, and on hand to create unique solutions that set your business apart from the competition.

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